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In a week where my girlfriend asked me why I have Usher songs on my iPod, I find myself writing an R&B single review for Reviewcaster! I suppose stranger things have happened since the turn of the year… Loic Remy turned down the chance to join Alain Pardeaux’s French Revolution in favour of certain relegation and a bit more moolah, Fleetwood Mac have announced new material and a UK tour to boot, and the gay marriage bill has been branded by the media as David Cameron’s ‘biggest rebellion’ eclipsing the likes of changes to the education system and tsunamis of cuts!

The Rain is the first we've heard from Bradford's Melvin Moyo
The Rain is the first we’ve heard from Bradford’s Melvin Moyo

So yes, I suppose this really is a bit of a sight for sore eyes, but in the wake of Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed debut receiving accolades from many who dismiss today’s R&B as commercialised, talentless, auto-tuned bullshit (including us – Channel Orange sits in our top 10 albums of 2012!), 19-year-old Melvin Moyo’s debut single, The Rain, showcases enough raw beats and emotive translucency to encourage the R&B purists out there that they may be able to rest assured once again.

The Rain itself, as a single, probably encompasses more Drake or Trey Songz than the likes of Channel Orange or Usher’s 8701. Given today’s market however, this is not a bad thing. The candid, sincere piano introduction provides an ideal backdrop for a raw beat, combining admirably to provide the perfect canvas for Melvin’s silky, soothing, soulful tones. There is a fluid delivery of conflicting cogitations that portray the angst of The Rain, whilst the track stays clear of the trials and tribulations that are present in so much of today’s R&B that when heard, serve only as a reminder that the R&B scene was better back then. There is enough here to encourage the true purists of the genre that all may not be lost, and after 2012 went some way towards whetting and resurrecting the appetites of true fans of R&B, 2013 begins with Melvin further teasing the palettes.

All in all, The Rain is an encouraging dose of fresh produce from a young, talented R&B recording artist, and Melvin is definitely a name to look out for over the next few months. Watch this space!

Pick up a free download of The Rain right here!


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