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rsz_kobadelta_oct13We’ve touched upon Kobadelta before, describing their sound back in June as ‘an onslaught of viscous, blues-ridden psychedelica’, ridden with brooding riffs and shimmering synths. They’re back 4 months later with another single and b-side, and it’s safe to say the tracks haven’t dampened our hype for the Newcastle five-piece.

Ritual is factory fitted with an advance of domineering, bass-heavy rhythm and blues that gives way for a retrospective chorus, providing the perfect backdrop for a haunting vocal not too dissimilar to a young Michael Stipe, or a contemporary Tom Smith. Sounds like? Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at their most menacing…

Underestimation is by no means a support act here either, with a threatening bassline hooking you like a run-of-the-mill trout from the off. The riffs here lay off the brood – the bassline covers that aspect by itself – and the synths shimmer like lighthouses on a desolate horizon. We’re very excited about this lot. Check out these tracks and their previous single/b-side on SoundCloud below.


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