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rsz_polterghostHere’s a band that we are particularly excited about at Reviewcaster. Polterghost first appeared with Holy Smoke before our summers had really got going, and it promised much. The track provided an overdose of lo-fi, dousing its guitars in a vat of distortion and maintaining an accessible, melodic structure.

Last month however, Polterghost stepped it up another notch, releasing a quite brilliant single and aa-side. The lo-fi presence is still mirroring the unvarnished production, with Beast steeped in garage rock sensibility. Its chorus is equipped with a venomous hook, and the fuzzed-out verses positively correlate cleanliness with veracity. There’s a savage breakdown in here too, where guitars absorb an extra concentrated cascade of distortion before divulging a savage riff. If you’ve been starved of red meat lately, this will fill a hole and then some. The aa-side is a little bit more buoyant (well, as buoyant as something asphyxiated by distortion can be), but the detached lyrics reaffirm a misfit motif so often synonymous with the best lo-fi garage rock.

There isn’t enough music that sounds like this around at the moment, but Polterghost aren’t the only exciting thing coming out of Hate Hate Hate records right now. This is the latest in a long list of impressive releases from the label this year that has had us sitting up and taking note.

Check out Beast via a SoundCloud link, and the music video for Ordinary, below.


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