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gowirszdRemember a few months back when we got really excited over a band from Lawrence, Kansas? They brought with them, and we quote, an “unrefined course of garage punk, drenched in feedback, grimy guitar tones and a controlled and unabashed energy”. November has now arrived, and with it comes more good news for the red meat lovers that will still be salivating over Let’s Get Cynical. Black on Black’s 3rd EP is more of the same, with Get On With It boasting an identical blueprint that will further antagonize the palette. Hostile advances of feedback, rusty bursts of fast-paced grime, and stunningly hardboiled breakdowns are still the name of the game, and are still the reasons why this band are one of the most exciting propositions of 2013.

Much like it’s predecessor, Get On With It doesn’t mess about. It weighs in with 5 tracks amounting to 12 minutes of reckless nocturne, and doesn’t deviate from what we’ve already heard from the band before. This much can be seen from the outset: Fork in the Road is Black Geometry mark 2, announcing itself with a torrent of exponential feedback, before erupting into a destructive wave of garage punk. The highlight of Let’s Get Cynical, for us, was the thrashing, cascading breakdown that rendered a listener bested by the end of track 1, and Get On With It’s opener does the same job with a breakdown just as impressive. Black on Black play to their strengths, and make no bones about it.

Everything we’ve heard from Black on Black so far has brought us to the same conclusion: these tracks would sound incredible live. They bring an energy that is so raw and absolute, it’s transferred in all its glory through a studio release without losing any substance through studio glossing. The band clearly has a huge work ethic that’s led to them releasing 3 EPs in a relatively short space of time, keeping the carnivores satisfied with fresh meat on a regular basis. Hopefully an LP will be around the corner, but in the meantime, if Black on Black releases a 12-minute burst of heavy artillery every few months, I think we can deal with it.

Both of the band’s previous EPs have been available to download free from their Bandcamp page, and Get On With It is no different. Wrap your lugs around it here!


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