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bathSunderland-based Jordan Miller had had enough. Openly admitting he was born a generation or two too late, being flummoxed as to the modern day pop music flimflam and feeling unsettled within sundry-genre former band, The Real Davina, he decided to go it alone.

Under the new alias of Bath, Sunshine and Supermarket People is an intriguing EP that demonstrates the new direction Miller has taken. Inspired by a wealth of influences including Breakbot, Chic, Cut Copy and Sister Sledge, Bath has jumped on the re-emerging wave of nu-disco carried contemporarily by the likes of Daft Punk and Hot Chip. The four track EP is the ultimate foot-tapper. An upbeat, much needed summer feel has been pulled straight from the 1970s and displays the undoubted talent of this multi-instrumentalist producer; a talent that has seen him gain support from many circles, notably from The Futureheads, and also be recruited by Lilliput to record on their latest album.

The EP, named after the feeling of relief having quit a part-time job he juggled for studio time, would best be described as ballsy. The evolution of style will no doubt come as a shock to the dedicated cult following that has grown around him. Yet all seems to have paid off with the blissful and utterly heart warming She Already Knows, a track demanding a backdrop of golden sands and blue waters. This breaks the way for the mood-lifting When We Talk, driven by the Nile Rodgers-esque riff governing throughout. It’s Not Alright and Undiscovered Colours complete the latest release and, arguably, it is these that most lay the foundations for the future of Bath with neither feeling at all out of place on a dancefloor in the midst of the disco comeback.

While this is just a teaser, it undeniably shows that the future is bright for Bath and this talented youngster. The change in style and joyful sounds of Sunshine and Supermarket People shows that maybe he’s starting to believe it too.



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