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mountain of sleep 150We’ve had a lovely little record brought to our attention this week. Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Pete Carr cites an early love of The Beatles and Elliott Smith at the forefront of his influences, and it’s not hard to see this from the outset of 7-track EP Mountain of Sleep. Carr uses the trademarked, psychedelica-tinged songcraft of his influences to supplement his delicate song structures to form the nucleus of his sound, but these are merely a snippet of the ingredients that are brewed in his melting pot. The individual tracks of Mountain of Sleep saunter gently, with a fragile sense of melody typical of the fact that urgency is not something that Carr associates with his music.

Everything from the homespun album artwork to the fact that Carr recorded the album in his kitchen gives Mountain of Sleep a hugely prominent DIY feel, with uncomplicated acoustic guitars proving the perfect canvas for Carr’s whimsical vocals to meander at their own pace. The opening title track starts the ascent with a candid nod to messrs Lennon and McCartney, with Crooked Wires following, and showcasing Carr’s ability to morph his influences into a sound entirely his own. It’s as urgent, relatively speaking, as the album gets, and I stress that I use urgent very loosely. Song titles such as You Make Bad Luck Seem So Cool and Everytime I Look At You I Swear You’re Someone Else further enhance the indie, DIY motif, and you’ll be pleased to hear these two excellent song titles are backed up by alluring tracks that are every bit as good as their names.

If his music is anything to go by (and I imagine it is), Pete Carr is not someone who places importunity at the forefront of his outlook. The sauntering, ambling nature of his tracks makes for a not so stringent metaphor to a leisurely ascent up the Mountain of Sleep, and once you’ve reached the summit, you’ll have no qualms at all about tackling the leisurely climb again.

You can download Mountain of Sleep from Pete Carr’s Bandcamp page here.


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