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This week we’ve put ourselves in perhaps the most difficult dilemma thus far. Whittling down Josh Homme’s work into a Top 10 has not been an easy feat, and has resulted in much humming, harring, and injury time substitutions. Some of the work we’ve omitted is quite simply cardinal, but that is testament to a dazzling and hugely influential career. Enjoy, and let us know where we’ve gone wrong!


10. Queens of the Stone Age – If I Had A Tail

This breakneck cool track from last year’s brilliant …Like Clockwork houses a sensationally sophisticated groove. Vocal contributions from Messrs. Lanegan, Oliveri and Alex Turner are there if you look hard enough.


9. Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me And Neither Do I

We’re still holding out for a second Them Crooked Vultures record (which we’re assured will come eventually). This opening track from their solitary LP is hard blues with no holds barred. Serious riffs!


8. Kyuss – One Inch Man

Kyuss were never going to experience any major commercial success, but they are without doubt one of the most influential rock bands of the 90s, virtually inventing the desert rock scene in the process. This was their only official single.


7. Queens of the Stone Age – First It Giveth

Josh Homme is at his best when he’s delivering malicious riffs, and Giveth is home to one of his very best. Here he sings in a pained falsetto, and detonates a doomful chorus drenched in frenzied overdrive. Lovely.


6. Kyuss – Odyssey

Another Kyuss tune popping up here. This track typifies the stoner rock scene that Homme’s more youthful riffs were a crucial part of. Look out for John Garcia imploring “fire, in the mountains!” Oof.


5. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

QOTSA’s most FM friendly track cannot be discounted. It’s sleazy, haughty and easy, and catchier than a baseball mit. Arguably the band’s most recognizable tune. No One Knows advances with a brazen swagger and a devilish groove.


4. Queens of the Stone Age – You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire

Millionaire is one of those tracks that was just written to open a live set. A punishing riff drives out of the blocks, channeled through amp settings that could only have been fine-tuned by one man.


3. Kyuss – Green Machine

Although Brant Bjork wrote this track, it was our mate Josh who overdrove a down-tuned guitar through a bass amp, steamrollering an iconic riff home. Look out for the bass solo.


2. Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing

Homme’s final, desperate attempt on to salvage what it was he left on that operating table. Breathtaking fills, frenzied strikes and astonishingly complex onslaughts of pace create a tormenting vortex, and a huge sense of foreboding.


1. Queens of the Stone Age – Song For The Dead

The very best of Josh Homme the songwriter and the guitarist. Song For The Dead is a haphazardly structured track, with a stunning riff of breakneck speed and simply menacing verses. It’s also without doubt one of the best drum tracks of all time, so it would be rude not to direct a tilting of the hat to Mr. Grohl. An incredible track, and this week’s #1.




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