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radioheadYou’ve had just over a week to get your ears wrapped around Thom Yorke’s new solo record, which he dropped via BitTorrent at the back end of last month. So, while you’re no doubt trying to find your way out of the tranquil but grating, and textured but airy digitised musings of Mr. Yorke, we’re dropping a #TopTenSunday that takes a look at Radiohead’s best work. I’m convinced this is the most difficult one we’ve done to date, so as per, tell us how very wrong we are!


10. The Daily Mail

Found on King Of Limbs: Live From The Basement, this track grows from a Pyramid Song-esque piano nucleus.


9. How To Disappear Completely

Radiohead at their spectral finest, drifting into orbital solitude with their own ballad template.


8. The Butcher

Another track from the band’s King Of Limbs sessions, released along with Supercollider for Record Store Day 2011. Urgent, tangled intricacy.


7. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Swirling, circular, gaping arpeggios provide a backdrop for stripped-bare drums and transcendent vocals.


6. Everything In Its Right Place

The track that raised the curtain in Kid A, revealing an insatiable fetish you never knew you had for digitised beats and cryptic electronica.


5. Talk Show Host

The best thing about Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, and Radiohead’s most recognisable B-side.


4. Let Down

OK Computer’s keystone is perplexing in its architecture. Jonny Greenwood’s guitar spins a web in a time signature conflicting that of his bandmates.


3. Climbing Up The Walls

Arguably the most haunting track Radiohead have ever showcased. Immense turmoil ultimately crashes down into a blood-curdling crescendo.


2. Like Spinning Plates

Amnesiac’s undoubted standout, and one of the band’s most stirring tracks, immersing you relentlessly in disorienting, heavily concentrated digitism.


1. Paranoid Android

This masterpiece is Bohemian Rhapsody for the intelligent; the pinnacle of an album with skyscraping ambitions. Absurdly pretentious, and all the better for it.



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