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mr tembo 150Unbelievably, it’s that time of year again. 2014 has flashed by, but not without leaving in its wake some fucking good music. Our albums list will follow, but first, here are Reviewcaster’s top tracks of 2014, featuring some wonderkids, a revival of genres that are more than due another heyday, enhanced reputations, strengthened portfolios, and a triumphant return or two! We’ve compiled these 25 tracks (well 24, as one of the tracks isn’t on Spotify) into a lovely little playlist for you, so wrap your lugs around it at the bottom of this post, and follow us on Spotify too!

25. Wild Beasts – A Simple Beautiful Truth

A crowning jewel from Wild Beasts’ latest triumph.

24. High Tide 15:47 – Shade Of Blue

May cause you to gaze at your shoes.

23. Deers – Bamboo

As raw a French bloke’s sirloin, this track shimmers at a canter.

22. Cheatahs – Get Tight

My Bloody Dinosaur, anyone?

21. Happyness – Anything I Do Is All Right

Pixies frenetics and Pumpkins fuzz.

20. Lykke Li – Gunshot

I wonder if Lykke got a Peugeot 108 out of this?

19. Beasts – Annie

Grunge is clearly still kicking about.

18. Warpaint – Disco // very

Brazenly provocative and spookily ominous.

17. Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Breakneck cool from Miss Del Rey.

16. The Wytches – Wire Frame Mattress

The polar opposite of easy listening, but a hugely compelling sound.

15. Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

Refreshingly simple, and unashamedly poppy. And what a performance.

14. Perfume Genius – Queen

A key milestone in the artistic evolution of Mike Hadreas.

13. Tala – Serbia

An aromatic infusion of Middle Eastern culture, barometrical industrialism and stifling R&B.

12. NehruvianDOOM – Darkness (HBU)

One of hip-hop’s brightest young talents perfectly executes an old school sound.

11. Tricky – Keep Me In Your Shake (feat. Nneka)

Adrian’s trademark dark, whispered blueprint tangled up in one of Jerry Cantrell’s best riffs. Incredible.

10. FKA Twigs – Lights On

An even better track than Two Weeks.

9. Gengahr – Fill My Gums With Blood

Everyone’s favourite ghost-type could be worth checking out in 2015.

8. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Beautifully constructed, and exquisitely executed suggestion by repetition.

7. Beck – Morning

Utterly gorgeous, accommodating and oozing with hope.

6. alt-J – Hunger Of The Pine

Miley sounds great.

5. Angel Olsen – Windows

Click play with caution here – this track will be a drain on your sentiments.

4. Sun Kil Moon – Micheline

Do try your best to prepare yourself for what happens to Mark’s friend Brett…

3. Sharon van Etten – I Love You But I’m Lost

As heart rending as it gets from a certified heart render.

2. Royal Blood – Little Monster

That riff.

1. Damon Albarn – Mr. Tembo

Delightful, uplifting, joyous, heartening, cheery, and our best track of 2014.


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