New Music Exposure


gan 150Here’s a pretty lethal track from a Brighton trio who are making even more waves than the south coast usually has to contend with. Silverback is GANG’s new single, and its sludgy, malevolent opening riff wastes no time spreading and intensifying like an oil slick. Frontman Eric Tormey’s vocal aches with malice over a stripped-back verse, before it strains in its own assurance in the track’s snarling chorus. There is a ruthless energy to Silverback, with GANG’s brand of noxious guitars and ragged drums making for a compelling, menacing sound.

Silverback is the lead single from a cassette release from Sexx Tapes, due to drop on January 30th. The limited edition tape will also feature Theo Verney’s own version of Silverback in addition to Not a Reason, a track where the potency of Tormey’s malevolent moan is evident with his first delivery, wildly imploring “I wanna live inside your head” over a hostile, septic stomp. Make sure you get your lugs wrapped around this – you can listen below!


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