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1547 150With a sound loosely moored amongst the sprawling, pastel soundscapes of 90s shoegaze, Newcastle four-piece High Tide 15:47 have dropped a belter of a debut EP. Following on from their debut single Shade of Blue (which incidentally made our Best Tracks of 2014 list), this self-titled EP further showcases the gorgeous, fuzzed-out textures that have so far epitomized the band’s immaculate blueprint.

A remastered version of Too Much Time Alone, a track that was released as a demo last year, bookends the EP with an infectiously appeasing mesh of guitars and unhurried drums. This is a handsomely structured track that allows for a great deal of noise to be disguised from within a thoroughly hospitable set-up, making for a pacifying sound with subtle nods to the likes of MBV and Slowdive. Shade of Blue itself follows, with seductively warm guitars forming the cosy foundations of another beautifully arranged fusion of noise. Two more tracks, (Fade) and Headclouds, complete the EP, with the former showcasing a sumptuous tone to both the by now typically translucent guitars and the unhurried but deliberate vocals. Headclouds however, shows a dynamism to the High Tide 15:47 sound, with a more pressing vocal taking centre-stage over a more transparently rendered sketch of perspiring guitars. After the track reaches its climax, shrouding and engulfing itself in a heightening wall of enticing noise, a cordial, wistful whistle chaperones the beautifully composed EP to its fading close.

This is a band that spent 2014 supporting some of the most promising acts in British music, including Wolf Alice and Eagulls amongst others, and could well be destined for their own chunk of exposure in 2015. They are well worth catching live too, as we first found out at a Speedy Ortiz show last year, where the band showed that transferring their elegant soundscapes to the live circuit is as effortless as the exquisite hooks found throughout this EP. You can get a hold of it from the band’s bandcamp page here.


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