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open visions 2The menacing sound of Kobadelta is back in the form of a 3rd EP due to drop this May, and with Open Visions, the sound has progressed from the band’s previous two EPs with much more method in the malice.

A compelling arrangement with the ability to relentlessly pound and delicately hypnotize is still the name of the game for a band whose brooding psychedelica has impressed us hugely in the past, but this time, the riffs are more intricate and the teeth are sharper. Daunting vocals and steamrolling basslines allow the band’s sound to stalk everything under its tyrannical axiom with an ominous, overbearing sense of foreboding that could well have you checking the wardrobe and sleeping with the light on!

The rabid onslaught genre-dodges with more dexterity than previously heard right from the outset of Open Visions. Even The Odds (They Mean You No Harm) explodes out of the blocks saturated in lusty fuzz, before Blame It All On Me allows a malevolent bassline to govern a procession of wailing guitar licks in a threatening fashion. This is a brand of psychedelica that is as methodical as it is feral, and as perilous as it is entrancing.

Maskirovka is kept on a tighter leash by Kobadelta, with a more refined groove imposing itself with swathes of arrogance, allowing the sound to reach the farthest outposts of its tether before reining it in once again. Watch What You’re Doing follows a more orthodox structure, with a hooking chorus and shimmering synths providing the closest thing to radio-bait this lot are likely to churn out. Ithaca returns to the more domineering motif in the shape of an powerful bassline, providing a baleful backdrop for another clutch of ruminating vocals to duck and weave their way through the precarious landscape, before Black Pyramid bookends the EP with the same frenzied onslaught that Even The Odds did before it.

This is a sound that is impossible to pigeonhole and a band that have an awful lot of strings to their bows. Basslines impose themselves scrupulously over dangerous guitars, and the meticulous vocals remain as portentous as the doomed grooves that are governing them, making for a melting pot that is as thorough as it is feral. If the Kobadelta blueprint continues to become more and more compelling with each release, we can’t wait for an LP!

Kobadelta will be launching the EP at Think Tank in Newcastle on Friday 1st May with support from Coquin Migale and Sun Dance and the CD is available to pre-order at


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