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noir resizedHere’s an absolute belter of a track from Manchester four-piece Noir | Noir. Claustrophobic Love is their latest offering, and it simply powers its way through its sunbaked landscape, with its ominous chug steamrolling everything in its path. A grumbling bassline governs the track’s commanding advance, whilst the menacing drawl of frontman Finn Sedas sounds deliciously sinister over his band’s dynamic, gritty pound.

It’s impossible not to make on-the-spot comparisons with QOTSA – especially when feral, bending guitar licks are lurking around the corners of the track’s autocratic groove – but this is a band who have already blueprinted an absorbing sound of their own. 2015 could well prove to be a massive year for the quartet, and if you’re like us and are clamoring for the next offering from this razor-sharp outfit, check out this track in the meantime – a live video of Ce Numero Terrible from Spirit Studios in Manchester.

Noir | Noir came to our attention during Indie Week Europe, tearing it up in their own back yard at the end of last month. Along with Norwegian scuzzbags Sassy Kraimspri and eventual winners Victoria+Jean, they were by far the most exciting thing that we came across. Expect to see much more from this lot before the year’s out!

You can get a hold of Claustrophobic Love on iTunes now!


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