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puppy rszdWe’ve spoken about Puppy before, a London-based trio who deal in chunky riffs and playful grunge. This week, they’ve shared a new track, and announced a self-titled debut EP as part of the bargain.

Do It Again is an intriguing entity, brazenly and unashamedly wearing a glamorous, classic metal sweater, pulled over an alternative take on collegiate rock. Think Thin Lizzy, or Tenacious D for that matter, jamming with Rivers Cuomo and Stephen Malkmus. Yep, it sounds pretty frightening, but it’s a sure-fire way for Puppy to convey an unbending love for both unadulterated heavy metal, and the more alternative rock sounds of the 90s.

Forever and The Great Beyond, two tracks shared earlier this year by the band, will join Do It Again on the EP, due to be released on September 25th via Best Fit Recordings. The track-listing is as follows, and you can listen to Do It Again below.

Do It Again

The Great Beyond

Waste Away



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