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SiaBy Sia Furler’s own admission, This Is Acting is an array of songs written for other artists that just didn’t quite cut the mustard for their intended targets. As a result, it’s an album that is a reconstruction of something that never existed as a single entity in the first place. The songs are pop gold, showcasing Sia’s gigantic voice and songwriting prowess, and would probably all win Eurovision with a succession of ‘douze points.’ The songs do undoubtedly miss a personal aspect, and in that sense the finished product doesn’t always feel like an album, but these songs were never supposed to be personal. In fact, listening to This Is Acting is more like listening to a compilation album. Either way, it’s a fascinating insight into how pop music is written, and how very few writers are responsible for the swathes of it in the charts. Whilst listening to it, you can actually hazard pretty good guesses as to who each song was originally written for. Every track is a potential hit, and Sia’s use of pure pop hooks, coupled with an astounding control over her rampant voice, makes this a very good record.

Rating: 72%



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