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ChairliftMOTH is Chairlift’s third LP, and it is their most confident sound to date. Caroline Polachek’s razor-sharp falsetto shines throughout, and is an open-ended contradiction to the gelatinous production work of Patrick Wimberly, giving the songs a mellow congeniality that allows the duo to seamlessly note their reflections in a self-assured manner. The album drops its anchor in the clearest of pop waters, but is able to easily make transitions from arty R&B, funk-bass driven soul music and the sort of groove laden, 80s-indebted dancefloor bangers that ooze poise and probity. There is an alluring skewness to highlights such as Polymorphing and Show U Off, whilst Moth to the Flame is a metaphor to the album itself: spilling how the irresistibility of something can ultimately be the thing that destroys you. All in all, the result of Chairlift dabbling in the mainstream pop archetype is the duo’s best and most cohesive album to date.

Rating: 80%



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