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JGThe latest name in the procession of UK artists who are championed by the BBC – and hyped so much that their debut album is going to be a monumental chart success regardless – is Jack Garratt. Musically, Phase shows Garratt off as a vastly talented multi-instrumentalist with a fondness for throbbing subwoofers and an astuteness with a loop pedal. The album’s flaws are, in all fairness, no fault of his own. The problem is that his soulful voice and fondness for stark beats aren’t utilised to their fullest extents. Instead, they are polished into something that must have ease of access. He showcases hints of intimacies that would be better suited to a smaller catchment, but thanks to the hyperbolic hype that has charted his fledgling period in the music industry, it is simply never going to happen. The potential is there for this to be very good, but the fact that it’s so comprehensively safeguarded limits it hugely.

Rating: 54%



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