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operator telegramTelegram’s debut LP comes three years after their debut single Follow brought them a great deal of hype in the UK. As a result, the hype train didn’t so much as derail, but simply drove off the map. This is by no means a bad thing, either. Operator is released on the band’s own label, and is dropped into an environment where it can build its own momentum without hype dictating its reception. The production is excellent, with a live, retro sound governing their mesh of glam and proto-punk. Tracks are belted out with a bold energy and don’t overstay their welcome, and Matt Saunders’ agitated Welsh vocal is crucial to the clenched intensity of his tenacious songs. Operator is a very good debut, impressively original without becoming too inaccessible, and the debut single that dropped three years ago sounds as fresh and as authentic as it ever did.

Rating: 72%



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