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wolfmIn some parts, Victorious isn’t far from being a return to form for Wolfmother, which is now nothing more than a moniker for Andrew Stockdale’s solo work. He’s definitely at his best when his voice is evoking the frenzied ebullience of Ozzy Osbourne, and his proto-metal riffs are galloping furiously, wearing their fuzz with panache. Opening track The Love That You Give ticks those boxes, unashamedly thrusting the obvious influences of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and MC5, amongst others, to the forefront. If you’re listening to Wolfmother, that’s probably what you’re going to be after at that particular point, so such brazenness is by no means a bad thing in that sense. When Stockdale steps out of the box-checked zone, embarking upon awful rock ballads and hideous power-pop songs, his work starts to falter spectacularly. Victorious is premium Wolfmother in places, and pretty much abominable in others.

Rating: 49%



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