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yuck stUnless Yuck’s reshuffled lineup can forge an identity for themselves in future releases, anything they record is going to be plagued by the shadow of their former frontman’s contribution to their excellent debut. Daniel Blumberg quit the group before their second LP (2013’s Glow & Behold), and on that record, the scuzzy rawness that made their debut so impressive had vanished, and was replaced by a bland, toothless piece of work. With Stranger Things, what’s holding Yuck back isn’t comparisons to other bands (which is typical of every other 90s indebted, slacker rock band), but comparisons to themselves. The new lineup has clearly made more of a conscious effort to rekindle the misfit energy of their debut, recording the album themselves and fuzzing guitars to their limit. The result is a passable third LP, but it’s a cheap copy of the original. Frontman Max Bloom’s voice isn’t even that dissimilar from that of the man he replaced in 2013, but he’s lacking something that Blumberg clearly had in his arsenal to sharpen his band’s sound.

Rating: 52%



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