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KendrickReleased out of the proverbial blue, untitled unmastered. is a collection of demos recorded around the same time as To Pimp a Butterfly. The tracks don’t have the cinematic grandeur of those that made that album, but the dark, stalking hypnosis of the ‘untitled’ tracks that didn’t make the cut only serve to further display Lamar’s stratified, multi-faceted genius. Throughout it’s 35-minute runtime, it extraneously connects itself to TPAB, almost emerging as an understated afterword to one of the best albums of a generation. Lamar’s sprawling, reductive segues roam around stunning, downplaying grooves, and although the record lacks the plenitude of a truly great album, it manages to entice and enthrall undividedly. Kendrick Lamar’s talent is superficial in the extreme, plumbing his own creative depths with an unerring attention to detail. With untitled unmastered., he has found another way to sheathe people in his compelling vision.

Rating: 84%



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