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haelosalbum.jpgFull Circle is a debut LP that shows a band inherently secure in their own sound. It’s a metropolitan take on the fertile British 90s electronic scene, incorporating the suppressed breakbeat dynamic of Massive Attack and a ghostly delivery of shared vocal duties. Keyboards and synths swell and wane like a tide as the album progresses, and the whole effect results in seductive, rich soundscapes for the duration. Without doubt, though, the London three-piece have an awful lot of room to grow. Full Circle is stylish in the extreme, nailing the post-electronic comedown motif, but the substance isn’t always there. The sound HÆLOS have refined is the perfect foil for truly spectacular things to happen, but with the exception of the album’s centerpiece, OracleFull Circle consistently gives the impression that the tools aren’t being used as efficiently as they could be. Make no mistake, this is a hugely promising debut, and the fact that HÆLOS have so much room to grow makes them an intriguing prospect.

Rating: 69%



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