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rsz_koi_childKoi Child are a brain child of Kevin Parker, and that alone is testament to the potential in their ranks. The Fremantle seven-piece are made up of two active bands: nu-jazz quartet Kashikoi, and hip-hop trio Child’s Play. Parker saw the two bands having an impromptu jam, loved it, asked the union to support Tame Impala, then produced their debut album. Voila.

The fusion of the two bands’ styles is mesmerizing. The old-school hip-hop of Child’s Play evokes the likes of Jurassic 5 and De La Soul, but in Western Australia it’s sun-soaked, and caressed by the Fremantle Doctor. Kashikoi’s influence drenches the grooves in a deluge of brass and jazz, and it truly is a match made in heaven. Rapper Shannon ‘Cruz’ Patterson is in his element with such an adept set-up behind him, working leisurely from his own time-zone, and Parker’s studio wizardry is prevalent from start to finish. Compact, condensed drums are impeccably mixed, with meticulous phasings and superb breakdowns all bearing the Parker signature. Everything he touches turns to gold, and if we needed any further evidence following Currents, he has shown once more that he has no contemporaries in a studio. One of the very best records of 2016 so far.

Rating: 88%




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