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RJD2_0Philadelphia-based producer Ramble Jon Krohn manages to cover a time-span of over 2000 years with his sixth solo studio album. Anchored in psychedelic funk, he manages to take us back to the 70s soul of Rick James right through to the sci-fi sounds of a future millennium with consummate ease, firing light through holes in dark canopies and punctuating breakneck chapter shifts with edgy percussion. As with most of RJD2’s work, it’s challenging to keep up to speed with the notional changes in direction, with tracks landing in different worlds from where they were launched. The mix of jazz, funk and R&B is always a winning combination, but Dame Fortune lacks something to take it from being a good record to a very good record. The hastiness and outlandishness of the swerving soundscapes are the album’s strengths and it’s weaknesses, simultaneously keeping a listener enticed and running them ragged. Such zeal keeps Krohn’s final destination on the horizon, just out of reach.

Rating: 66%



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