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GreysGreys’ second LP is a gripping, captivating brand of politically-inclined punk. Where their debut If Anything relied on explosive power and ear-splitting noise, Outer Heaven builds from the brash template to create a record that is lyrically purposeful, boasting high-definition layering with compelling textures and pertinent changes in pace. Shehzaad Jiwani’s frank lyrics are strident, addressing uncomfortable issues in a strong but sensitive manner. Many of his lyrics centre around his own Asian descent and perceptions of that in the current climate, whether it’s his tribulations at airports or the perception towards him in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Instrumentally, Greys are much more expansive than they were on their debut, providing more stratified backdrops for Jiwani’s lyrics to be more striking, and for hooks to be easier latched on to. If Anything was good, but this is the work of a band who are well on their way to establishing themselves as key cogs in their category.

Rating: 76%



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