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SuunsSuuns’ 3rd LP sort-of picks up where 2013’s excellent Images du futur left off, but with Hold/Still their sadistic swirls of feedback and surgical noise toe the line of being unlistenable. Three years ago the motorized basslines, controlling grooves and seductive electronics coursed through the veins with an indulgent toxicity, but here the dosage is much less attractive. There are areas, in the likes of Instrument, where the creeping grooves are compelling and the tension is perfectly poised, but time and time again these moments are lost amongst reverb bursts and toxic swells that go past the point of creating a metronomic cue to something sinister, and instead appear vexatious in their oppression. Suuns’ approach to creating music leaves them with a thoroughly unnatural sound with no contemporaries, but after several listens to this one, I’m yet to build an immunity to the enormous dose of discomfort that Hold/Still administers.

Rating: 51%



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