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rsz_victoria_-_jeanVictoria and Jean are a romantic couple as well as a musical one, and if their relationship is anywhere near as spontaneous as their multi-faceted debut album (and they’re fans of surprises), they’ll keep each other happy for a very long time. Their chemistry oozes from their songs, whether its amongst the dangerously catchy pop of Holly, the sultry coax of Why Won’t You or the White Stripes-like big blues of Big Billie. Victoria perhaps sounds at her best when she’s throwing everything at her microphone, responding to Jean’s flashy riffs with everything she can muster, but her versatility is very impressive throughout the record. The duo try a whole host of genres on for size with their debut record, but the resulting get-up is often too haphazard to feel cohesive as an album. There’s are many excellent ideas here – and they don’t find one and stick to it – but applying a tighter focus to their sound will sharpen their cutting edge.

Rating: 63%



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