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rsz_zen-mantraSam Perry produces his own songs from his own bedroom studio under the Zen Mantra moniker, and his second LP comes equipped with a sharper cutting edge than 2013 debut How Many Padmes Hum. The songs are still shrouded in a dreamy haze, but the psychedelic side of his sound is much more intelligent, allowing the more remote aspects of his songs to have a more piercing effect. Perry’s confidence, skill and control over his sound is impressive. Opening track Will Disappear manages to juxtapose an ominous air with a dreamlike disposition, and the warping, twisted riff of Hole in My Skull is very cleverly spooked up by remote synths. The album’s keystones are strong, with the lazy, retrospective Bailey bookmarking the record in elegant fashion. Zen Mantra is a strong effort in which 21-year-old Perry has shown himself able to sharpen and improve his own sound.

Rating: 71%



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