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EagullsLeeds five-piece Eagulls have cleverly used an anagram of their own name to title their 2nd LP, and their sound is a reshuffled take on the uneasy, furious punk blueprint found on their debut. The title gets even cleverer when considered that an ullage is the unfilled space in a container, perhaps alluding to the emptier, more inspirited sound heard in comparison to their debut. George Mitchell’s vocals still spearhead a concentrated angst, but the delivery is one of hopefulness, with more intricate guitars and a Smiths-esque method of conveying hardship coming to the forefront. The result is that Ullages displays a more conventional kind of beauty – one that spars with the dark undertones to act as a light at the end of a moody tunnel. In substituting the ferocity of their debut for positivity, Eagulls have constructed a very good record that is arguably better than their well-received debut.

Rating: 77%



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