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JBJames Blake surprised us with the release of his third LP last month, and his sound has barely changed over the three of them. But, calling it a ‘sound’ does it a disservice. Blake’s music is the introspective world he has created, very much like an author or a film writer concocts a world in which to tell their story. When listening to The Colour In Anything, particularly the more you listen to it and more time you invest in it, the intricacies of such a minimalist world reveal themselves more candidly. Opener Radio Silence sets the tone, and it is simply stunning, with a tear-jerkingly beautiful looping structure inviting you into a place where Blake’s anxious, soulful vocals can be heard. His voice is peerless, quietly adapted to his world of minimalist beats and ghostly electronics. The effect is stark, and intensely compelling. At 17 tracks long, this is a listen that plumbs substantial depths, but in Blake’s world, time ceases to be a constraint.

Rating: 91%



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