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KaytranadaFirst things first. Louis Celestin’s debut LP is sublimely put together. It is edited to perfection, yet manages to stay both cohesive and disjointed all at once. From the outset, the excellently titled Track Uno flashes funk and soul beats through a Daft Punkish filter, before beats jump in and out of time throughout Bus Ride, expertly kept on their tethers by Celestin’s mixing prowess. By the time UK Garage Guru Craig David lends his silky vocals to Got It Good, it’s clear to see that 99.9% scoffs at the very notion of a genre. The record features a stellar list of collaborators including Aluna George, BADBADNOTGOOD and Syd Barrett amongst others, and with each collaboration the album’s sound becomes more and more colourful. The meshing of convulsive, skippy bass tracks with Technicolor soundscapes and felicitous collaborations really is exceptional. The album’s title suggests something close to perfection, and 99.9% isn’t too far from being the ideal electronic record.

Rating: 82%



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