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SeratonesLouisiana four-piece Seratones have produced a very good debut LP. Their brand of ragged, scuzzy blues rock – which lands somewhere between Alabama Shakes and turn-of-the-century White Stripes – is a cushy blend of quivering spirit and punky, garage-drenched rock ‘n’ roll. Frontwoman AJ Haynes is the main attraction, spearheading the band with a giant voice that oozes soul. Haynes learned to sing in a church choir from a young age, and her ecclesiastical background is hugely prominent in both the moments where her voice soars, and where it croons and caresses the band’s deliciously retro sound. Get Gone is a superbly well-rounded record, showcasing an array of strings to Seratones’ bow. From the saucy R’n’B of Tide and Chandelier, the frenetic Choking on Your Spit to the gorgeous, laid-bare swoon of Keep Me, Get Gone is an expertly accomplished piece of work from a band still fledgling in their career.

Rating: 81%



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