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YakNow and again, a rock band release a debut LP that gets people excited about music’s most sweeping genre all over again. It doesn’t matter that it’s nothing new because it’s always refreshing, and Alas Salvation will have red meat lovers salivating profusely over the rawness and precision of its onslaught. The album is powered throughout by a ridiculously sludgy bass guitar that steamrolls its way through its course, and that juxtaposition with a treble-free, bass-heavy guitar even goes far enough to recall the scorching tones of Kyuss and Fu Manchu – no more so than on third track Use Somebody. The songs of Alas Salvation launch you headlong into the next one, packing a bruising punch without allowing for a pause for breath. Stoner-rock meshes with glam-punk in short, piercing bursts, never allowing the influences to make an impression greater than the one that Yak themselves are thrusting menacingly into your face. Yak haven’t reinvented the wheel, but their work is invigorating in its own right.

Rating: 71%



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