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InvisiblepatienceFour years on from The Invisible’s darkly excellent 2nd LP RispahPatience boasts a much more glosssy, gleaming sheen to their downtempo take on pop music, but that’s not to say the sound hasn’t lost its complexity. The songs float by as a cohesive unit, with quietly fashionable grooves kept on an unwavering tether. Beats break and skitter in the undertow of the album’s songs, and the result is 48 minutes of original, expertly crafted and convoluted pop. Dave Okumu has not been frugal in recruiting collaborators to work with him with this record, employing the expertise of Jessie Ware, Anna Calvi and Connan Mockasin amongst others, and the effects are generally positive throughout. The Invisible have developed a knack of making a busy soundscape seem easy and uncluttered, and they certainly achieve that again here. Patience is a record that never really takes off, but is a perfectly polished take on their thoroughly original sound.

Rating: 73%



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