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Let's Eat GWhen considered just how unusual, inventive and intoxicating Let’s Eat Grandma’s debut LP is, it’s mind-blowing that Jenny Hollingworth and Rosa Walton are both just seventeen. Their pop music formula is stratospheres away from the norm, with songs regularly clocking in at over five minutes long, taking hallucinatory scenic routes around the landscape and expanding into startlingly original beings. The Norwich teens play all of the instruments heard on the record – and there are an awful lot of them – themselves, and the result is an incredibly expansive sound, often morphing and evolving from the heart of a single song and unraveling into outstanding episodes of artistry. One thing that is consistent throughout (other than the quality of the record) is the intertwining vocals of the two, with one hazy voice being sliced and scored by a babyish delivery that adds to the alarming levels of originality. The more you listen to this record, the more it impresses you, even if their name is downright awful.

Rating: 83%



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