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Margaret GlaspyMargaret Glaspy’s debut LP is a perfect marriage between a voice and a guitar. It’s a relationship that is the ideal foil the Brooklyn singer/songwriter to self-dissect, but Emotions and Math is much more than a vehicle for Glaspy to analyse her own yearnings and apprehensions. Her grungy riffs are compact, snarling and punching with a great, off-kilter melodic sense, and her ability to switch between impartial self-assessment and astute narratives maintains the album’s compelling nature. Emotions and Math is, musically, generally a cordial affair, with the aforementioned grungy guitars warm and snug as opposed to oppressive and hostile. Glaspy’s voice itself is eccentric and susceptible to emotional metamorphosis, and some of the album’s strongest moments are when her voice is abrasive in its frustration or contrition: for example the first words spat from the chorus of You and I, or the frantic bursts of urgency amongst the affable stream of the title track. Sometimes, the formula for good guitar music is a simple one.

Rating: 71%



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