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MitskiWith Mitski’s 4th LP, her willingness to tackle discordant themes, and the dynamic nature in which she does it, secures her position as one of the more compelling artists in the indie rock spectrum. Puberty 2 is intensely challenging, with Mitski juxtaposing power with daunting vulnerability, and applying validation and vitality to every sentiment she lays bare through her music. The frankness of the record allows it to make transitions from wild, frantic moments such as My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars to gorgeously tender ones such as Thursday Girl appear completely seamless. The fact that such a range of differing styles appear throughout the record show that Mitski has refined one of the more charismatic styles in her class, with perhaps only Annie Clark anything like a contemporary. Mitski’s boldness is hugely impressive, and couple that with the fact the record is so expertly mixed and edited, she has produced one of the year’s more complete LPs.

Rating: 84%



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