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MournIn December, Mourn took to social media to speak out against their Spanish label, Sones, accusing them of holding their second LP “hostage.” Six months on, it can be looked back on as a brave move that ultimately paid off. On their 2014 self-titled debut, Mourn showed that they had put together a post-rock formula that didn’t outstay its welcome and packed a hard-hitting, provoking punch. With Ha, Ha, He., they have refined that formula further, sharpening up the edges of their sound and ultimately delivering a superb record. There are areas of the album where the Catalonian teens show an astute pop sensibility, with the likes of Brother, Brother and Gertrudis Get Through This appearing incessantly catchy whilst maintaining the razor sharp, undercooked edge that puts them head and shoulders above a lot of guitar bands active today. Their tracks are short and their dose is concentrated, but their melodic flair and incisive, heavy sting are strong.

Rating: 86%



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