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KillsNot a great deal has changed with The Kills since their arrival at the turn of the century. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince are still looking every bit as stylish as their ice-cool, chugging riffs sounded on No Wow, and the nucleus of their sound still consists of those riffs charged over sultry, pre-programmed rhythms. Mosshart’s voice is still laced with that intensely provocative attitude, but after a five year hiatus, there are tentative segues into unchartered territories. The bare blues leads the way, but there’s a calculated vulnerability present in the likes of Echo Home, and a lugubrious overtone shrouding That Love. A finger injury that has caused complications for Hince has forced him to give less prominence to the slashing style that has typified his previous work with The Kills, and the new-found delicacy in their music may well be a by-product of that. At 50 minutes, there is the overriding feeling that the album outstays its welcome, with the blueprint lacking the dynamism for it to maintain its focus.

Rating: 63%



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