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After the slick, sculpted warmth of 2011’s excellent The English Riviera and the peculiar psychedelica of Love Letters, Joe Mount has reverted back to the infectious candor of 2008’s Night’s Out with his band’s 5th LP. Mount is behind pretty much everything you hear on this record, from the squelching synths, chunk-groove basslines and flamboyant vocal delivery, and it’s clear… Continue reading METRONOMY – SUMMER 08

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Lou Rhodes’ fourth solo LP is an attractive affair, and its folk sensibilities are textbook. Her lyrics are delivered in a stimulating, provoking rill of apprehension. The melodies are delicate and elegant, utilising the genial sounds of harps and fragile guitars. There’s no doubt about the fact that theyesandeye is a notable shift across from the folk-by-numbers… Continue reading LOU RHODES – THEYESANDEYE

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Dev Hynes exponential expansion since undertaking the Blood Orange moniker continues with his third album under it. Freetown Sound references the city of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone and the hometown to Hynes’ father. It’s a political statement – a black record that takes on an approach not too dissimilar to To Pimp a Butterfly – but the… Continue reading BLOOD ORANGE – FREETOWN SOUND

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On their imaginatively titled fourth record, BADBADNOTGOOD have shown a willingness to venture further away from their hip-hop roots than ever before. Their impulsive jam motif has been relocated to the smoky shadows of its dimly lit boudoir, paving the way for an effortlessly slick R&B lounge sound. IV is overflowing with greasy modern jazz… Continue reading BADBADNOTGOOD – IV

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NAO’s 2015 single Bad Blood was one of the very best tracks of last year. It was ridiculously slick, showcasing Neo Jessica Joshua’s spectacularly malleable voice from the outset of the track. It advanced as a mesh of synths, beats and sumptuous production, growing and swelling like a tidal wave. Quite frankly, it should have been everywhere, and still… Continue reading NAO – FOR ALL WE KNOW