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BADBADNOTGOODOn their imaginatively titled fourth record, BADBADNOTGOOD have shown a willingness to venture further away from their hip-hop roots than ever before. Their impulsive jam motif has been relocated to the smoky shadows of its dimly lit boudoir, paving the way for an effortlessly slick R&B lounge sound. IV is overflowing with greasy modern jazz ideas, but its strongest points are the moments where their guests add their own spin to BBNG’s lubricated sound. Future Islands frontman Sam Herring is sublime in the weightily pensive Time Moves Slow. His contused, frank vocal adds a penetration to a BBNG soundscape that hasn’t been there before, all whilst maintaining the smoldering semblance that has. On the album’s penultimate track In Your Eyes, Toronto soul singer Charlotte Day Wilson comes to the fore, diffusing a sultry haze over a deliciously executed retro jazz sound. BBNG have always been fluent and sonically articulate, but enlisting the talents of suitable vocalists to thicken their smokescreen strengthens their suit.

Rating: 72%



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