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Blood OrangeDev Hynes exponential expansion since undertaking the Blood Orange moniker continues with his third album under it. Freetown Sound references the city of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone and the hometown to Hynes’ father. It’s a political statement – a black record that takes on an approach not too dissimilar to To Pimp a Butterfly – but the artful aesthetic is laced with a pop sensibility that is entirely original. His ability to create a fusion of electro-soul, rubbery funk and a Michael Jackson-like delectability allows the resonance of intrinsic oppression to have its weight distributed, making for a challenging but consistently rewarding listen. It is fluorescent and captivating throughout, and fused together meticulously, but you get the impression that no matter how much you allow yourself to be encapsulated by it, it will only ever be completely understood by its creator. It’s a collection of unsightly surveillances expressed in a magnificent manner, and the work of a man more than capable of out-creating himself.

Rating: 83%



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