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lou_rhODES_150x150Lou Rhodes’ fourth solo LP is an attractive affair, and its folk sensibilities are textbook. Her lyrics are delivered in a stimulating, provoking rill of apprehension. The melodies are delicate and elegant, utilising the genial sounds of harps and fragile guitars. There’s no doubt about the fact that theyesandeye is a notable shift across from the folk-by-numbers style of her previous solo work, with a sparse, abstracted ambience moving her into unchartered waters. Rhodes sheathes her arrangements in a rural landscape, and the tracks themselves are misty with a marked attention to detail. The doublet of Hope and Glory and Circle Song are the album’s keystone, meandering from the innocence and trepidation of the fear of dealing with loss through to a sober, contemplative outlook. theyesandeye is charming, and even throws in a cover of The xx’s Angels, but is lacking the dimension required to make it anything more than a polite and pleasant affair.

Rating: 64%



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