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MetronomyAfter the slick, sculpted warmth of 2011’s excellent The English Riviera and the peculiar psychedelica of Love Letters, Joe Mount has reverted back to the infectious candor of 2008’s Night’s Out with his band’s 5th LP. Mount is behind pretty much everything you hear on this record, from the squelching synths, chunk-groove basslines and flamboyant vocal delivery, and it’s clear that he’s in absolute control. Every flutter of sound is kept on a meticulously measured tether, and the result is that the majority of the tracks on the record are devastatingly catchy and persistently rapacious. Opening track Back Together prances with a kaleidoscopic groove, clattering toms, chopping guitars and a cavalier vocal. Mick Slow is seductive, irresistible electro. Summer Jam is a bewitching, reflective track, colluding a massive array of sounds into an imperforate way to close out the album. Summer 08 is good work from Mount, and an album with its fair share of corking tracks.

Rating: 74%



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