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de-la-soulDe La Soul’s first album in twelve years comes at a time where a new age of rappers are threatening to make the scene as good as it’s been in a very long time. While Kendrick Lamar, Anderson .Paak, Chance the Rapper et al. are making great albums in 2016, Pos, Dave and Maseo jaunt back into the limelight with a record part crowdfunded. The Kickstarter cash has been splashed, with a stellar and rangy list of collaborators and guests – Usher, Damon Albarn and Little Dragon to name but a few – and the results are often excellent and at times underwhelming. Not many rap acts do an old-school hip-hop beat, a heavy bassline and over-spilling rapping with as much brilliance as De La Soul, and in the case of and the Anonymous Nobody…, its strongest moments (Royalty CapesNosed Up) occur when these boxes are ticked. It’s a good comeback for De La Soul, and there’s plenty to really enjoy here, but there are too many occasions where tracks loiter for too long, not outstaying their welcome as such, just not doing a great deal with it.

Rating: 64%



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