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hoopsIt’s often hard to really, really like a jangly guitar band in 2016, simply because there’s not an awful lot of complexity or facets of the sound to become immersed in. In order for one of them to really become invested in, they have to be extremely good at executing the sound and everything that comes with its scape. The signs are excellent for Hoops, who with a sixteen-minute EP have managed to create a handsome, hazy panorama with its lines blurred by an optimal dose of psychedelica. One of the better albums in the genre in recent years was Real Estate’s Atlas, and it’s hard to listen to Hoops’ EP without making a connection. Atlas is much more clinical and incisive in its clarity, but the hazier tinges to the melodic guitar riffs give the EP’s sound an identity of its own while Drew Auschermann’s paper-thin vocals blur the lines of the soundscape even further. It will be interesting to see if Hoops can maintain the strength of their sound with in the future with an LP, but the tools are certainly there for that to be the case.

Rating: 70%



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