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the-parrotsIf two of Spain’s most recent musical exports are anything to go by, Madrid is firmly tuned into garage-rock. Last year, The Parrots frontman Diego Garcia produced Leave Me Alone, Hinds’ delightfully charming debut which dropped in January, so spotlessly clean production is not something that was ever going to be found with Los Niños Sin Miedo (which fittingly translates to ‘Children Without Fear’). In a very similar manner to Leave Me Alone, the unpolished, gutsy rawness of the record is what gives Los Niños Sin Miedo its irresistible charm. Admittedly, it sounds firmly entrenched in the late sixties with no desire to uproot itself from that time frame, and as a consequence sounds prodigal for large parts, but there is no doubting that this is an enjoyable record. The songs are short and the album weighs in at less than thirty minutes, not allowing any of its embers the time to burn out. It does have some darker moments, but this is a record that is fun, invigorating and ultimately very catchy.

Rating: 71%



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