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tunsThe term ‘supergroup’ can be met with eager anticipation or revulsion depending on your standpoint, but TUNS have managed to do something that not many supergroups ever really manage: they’ve released music that sounds similar to that of the bands they’re comprised of. The result? Fans of Sloan, The Inbreds and The Super Friendz should enjoy TUNS regardless of their own taste spectrums. Their janglyangsty indie-rock is tinged with the nostalgic aspects of its 90s heyday, with the band using the simplicity of their style to their advantage. They stray into Beatles territory with the likes of Look Who’s Back in Town Again, or Manic Street Preachers territory with Throw It All Away, with the sharpness of their songs maintaining a buoyant energy throughout. The nine tracks on this record are nimble, charismatic, and ultimately make for an enjoyable if unspectacular listen.

Rating: 61%



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