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slavesIsaac Holman and Laurie Vincent have wasted little time in following up their snot-nosed, piss-soaked debut album. 2015’s Are You Satisfied? coated a grottiness with a sugary pop sensibility, before dunking it again in more undesirable bodily fluids. Take Control explodes out of the blocks as if it’s picking up where Are You Satisfied? left off, with Spit It Out adorning a snarling, menacing riff with a typically anti-status quo lyric before the riff erupts into a full-bodied punk chorus. From there, the similarities with Are You Satisfied? are fewer and further between. The haphazard uncleanliness is still there, but the enthusiasm and provocation are much less prominent. We’ve heard enough from Slaves in their fledgling career thus far to know that their sound is always going to be abrasive, but with the exception of Spit It Out, the quirks that made Slaves as appetising a proposition as they were are nowhere near the forefront. Taking their place is a rushed, haphazard dish that could have done with a bit longer in the oven.

Rating: 54%



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