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upThe last few embers of summer have just about died out, and a new Ultimate Painting record has arrived with an autumnal feel for a third consecutive year. Jack Cooper and James Hoare have developed a songwriting unit that is impressive in its untroubled restraint, with meandering, drowsy guitars and pensively delivered vocals accounting for the album’s blueprint. This might sound familiar, but Dusk is not simply a rehash of the band’s previous records. Minor tweaks in amp settings and sleepier chord progressions result in a more fluid album, allowing the moods to venture into murkier, more languid waters. Song For Brian Jones is an early chance to notice this. Vocals and guitars move together at an easy pace, but there is a perseverance about the simplistic arrangement that creates an indirect urgency. Who Is Your Next Target? does something similar, whilst the album’s penultimate track, Silhouetted Shimmering,creates the illusion of an expanded soundscape without adding any additional moving parts. Some tweaks are almost imperceptible, but when administered at the right place and the right time, Dusk shows an incidental dynamism that Ultimate Painting haven’t shown before.

Rating: 75%




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